Changing your monitor size

If you want to change your monitor resolution on your plan9 installation as you selected the default value initially, you will have to edit your plan9.ini file. However when I first searched for its location, I couldn’t find it anywhere? Its supposed to be in /n/9fat/plan9.ini – but on initial inspection it wasn’t there. So of course its worth trying to create it using 9fat.

Make sure you type in:


Where the colon will give correct results and just plain 9fat will give you a /bin/9fat does not exist error. Then go into /n/9fat/ and ls for the directory listing:

Its possible you will get:

term% ls





To change your monitor resolution within the virtual box, you have to edit the last line of your plan9.ini file with your monitor type: (acme plan9.ini will do it)

Do this by running acme (or if you are a pro with sam – use that to replace vgasize=1280x1024x16 with your monitor size.

Now its possible to have a screen like this to run the abaco web browser with.



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